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It's nice to meet you!

I'm a 3rd gen stylist and even at a young age would beg my mom to let me cut foils or fold towels...anything to be in the salon. While I might come across quiet at first, once I get to know you I hope we will bond over some good country music- been to a Morgan Wallen or Zach Bryan concert lately? Or tips on how to wrangle a toddler because I'm also mom to the sweetest almost two year old ever!


My life is always in motion but, I'm excited to be working towards my career goals and setting a strong example for my daughter. My favorite thing to do in the salon is dimensional and lived in color and being a curly girl myself, I have a strong passion for my curly girls. My goal is that my guests will allow me to let them totally express themselves. I'm all about just being yourself!


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