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Hi there!

My friends and co-workers would describe me as laid back and chill but, on the weekends you will find me at a concert or with the music turned up loud listening to alternative, metal and punk unless I'm snuggling my little nephew of course! I love the diversity each salon day brings- some days I'm creating amazing vivids in the morning (bring me all your rainbow and mermaid dreams) and lived in color in the afternoon. I approach each visit truly getting to know you and your personal vibe and lifestyle so I can create specifically for you


I have been a dancer my entire life. Shout out to the strongest, most amazing mom ever (who was a hairstylist too!) for inspiring me with all those dance/cheer buns. Do we have some things in common? Let's get to know each other over an iced coffee and talk about your hair. I can't wait to meet you!


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