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Hi there!

Sign: Cancer

Go to drink order: Diet coke with lime or a strawberry refresher

I'm Mia!   I come from a hairdressing family and have a strong passion for making people feel beautiful!  I am lucky to live with my own personal stylist- my mom (talk about feeling like a Kardashian everyday) and she is my inspiration for everything I do.  I hope to one day be like her not only as a hairstylist but as a person. I'm currently attending The Orlo School of Hair Design and working on advanced education at Nuance.  When I'm not immersed in hair you will find me binging Greys Anatomy or Law & Order with friends, trying out a new restaurant or hanging with my  two dogs Odell and Gus.  My friends would say I'm funny and always making them laugh. I share some laughs and daily cos school adventures on my tik tok @hairprincessmia.  I hope you will follow along.

I can't wait to meet you in the salon and get to know you!


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